Fondelco, Inc.                             t/a Premier Firestopping                         t/a JR Techniques

Premier Firestopping - is one of two divisions of Fondelco, Inc.  Which specializes in the field of Firestopping and fire protective coatings for the purpose of inhibiting the spread of fire and smoke in buildings and other facilities. 

Premier Firestopping's intentions are not just be part of the Firestopping Industry, but to be the leader in the field without sacrificing the personal attention our customers demand.  Premier Firestopping prides itself on consistently providing excellent workmanship and competitive pricing. 

Our goal is to have everyone involved in the building process understand a balanced fire protection system is comprised of three key elements:  Detection, Suppression and Containment. 



Premier Firestopping, is an accredited firestop specialty contractor installing passive firestop systems since 2001. Our affiliations and accreditations include Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA), Factory Mutual Global (FM 4991), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Hilti Inc., Specified Technologies Inc. (STI) and 3M to name a few.

For more information about our projects, our accreditations, our specialization, and our memberships please visit us here